Tuesday, April 29, 2014


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I apologize for the extremely long delay on this one, and for the radio-silence... you can either blame Simon, or my cross-country road trip.

I promise you all that I actually did complete the game on time, and have not worked on it at all in April. I have updated it since the Game Jam submission, but not since the end of March...

though neither have I been working on my April game... at all :(... Who's knows what I'll make today and tomorrow... should be another blast.

Anyway, I had fun making this one. Certainly bit off a bit more than I could chew for a 10-day game jam, but the Jam experience was awesome. I played a handful of really good submissions, and got a lot of good feedback on mine. The most lacking part of my submission was the number and diversity of the enemies I was able to pull together in time. I needed enemies that played a more integral part tot he objective or strategy of the game... or a game that has strategy or a real objective to begin with.... :( oops.

Anyway! - Check out the game - tell me what you think!