Friday, February 28, 2014


you knew this was coming:
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(NOTE: there is an easter egg after you achieve a 'Best Score' of at least 20... if any of you have somehow already done this, the easter egg should now be unlocked for you retroactively... let me know if that's not the case)


Well, I believe my first Unity game was a success! I spent most of the month fumbling around and in Unity, and not being able to think of a game...

Month 2 was definitely pretty difficult for me.  Without a demo to go off of, I found myself in a pretty good rut to think of an idea.  I think I also suffered from having too many bigger ideas in mind that were just not realistic this month - particularly ideas for game3!! (which can and will be a little more ambitious).  I also found the #1GAM theme word 'loops' unhelpful, and I struggled to incorporate it for too long.  Oh well, so I lost some points there.

After all the hype of Flappy Bird this month, I'm surprised I still couldn't think of a game until my friends told me make a Flappy Bird game.  I found the 'Flappy Jam' website, and was instantly inspired.  Thanks to Dan Bode for telling me to make 'Chahnny Bird'... even though i very didn't call it that.

I pumped this game out in about 2-3 days.  I'm proud to have come out with something my friends say is even more addicting than Flappy Bird, and even for reasons I actually intended! (i.e. some music, and my head exploding).  I'm also pretty darn happy with the crazy music I pumped out.

Check out the game - tell me what you think!

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