Thursday, January 30, 2014

Game #01 release date POLL

alright -

So its the end of the month, and I legitimately have 1 more day to complete my first game.
Right now, it is definitely a minimum viable release: it is a full game, you can beat it, and it does involve some skill.
There are, however, 2 things I did not get to yet, which would make it significantly more enjoyable, esp for L33T players.

  • unlock super mode
  • continue playing on dynamically generated map after you complete the structured map: (right now the only thing you can possibly do after you win is die... there is also currently a maximum possible score... come on guys)
I would like to take an extra week and address both of these! BUT, i'm going to leave it up to you guys.  Tell me what you'd like:
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Monday, January 20, 2014

Game #01: title and artwork

Here's an early version of the title screen and the audio that will go with it, for a little better look into the atmosphere of the game!
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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Game #01 reveal

Hey guys!  Its been a while, I know.   I am actually doing a game!

I have been traveling and busy with holiday things, so I didn't get started until around the 14th of the month... luckily I had this old RUNMAN DEMO LYING AROUND...  so I picked up that code as a kick-start.  It will actually become a game - bigger and better than the demo, I promise! ( / hope)...

YES.  I'm finally making (some of) the game I always wanted to go back and flesh out.  This first month is going to be a pretty solid entry into my game-a-month challenge, though it may end up as another demo I want to flesh-out even more later.

While I've been working pretty hard on the game itself, I've also spent some time on a new track for it!


I may make another post next week with some art previwes.

Additionally the game *may* be on time... :|   :P