Monday, November 3, 2014


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This month's game is up! Without a doubt the bloodiest game I've made this year, and probably the bloodiest thing I've actually ever made in my life. A special Halloween themed adventure for you all to enjoy!

Alot of thanks goes out to Nate Shaw for permission to use his character Ragnor, and also one of Ragnor's recurring un-named adversaries.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Game #06 Released: Planet of the Broeos!

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So admittedly with not much notice, i'm releasing this sequel to my previous game Dr. Broeo. Yes the story is a direct sequel - if you can't imagine how dire the situation has possibly progressed so quickly, you dind't play the first one... enough. Go get on that.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Game "5" Released: Ascent

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Incredibly proud to release this new title!  I can't believe how much I got done in a month (and 5 days).  It was certainly a technical challenge to get the look I wanted, but I feel like I did it, and now finally looking at it play in the browser, I feel it came out better than I could have hoped for the time-frame I had to make it!  I also learned a bit about cross-platform support, getting my shaders working on OSX this week!  (so thanks to those guys who pointed out the issues and helped me test it more!)  Anyway... Play.  Enjoy.  Next game is already underway!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Game #05 Reveal, Title and Artwork

Here's an early version of the title screen and a teaser version of the theme!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fun with Pixel Lighting!

So, I've already jumped right into development of my new game!  Now I am REALLY excited about it.  I have a lot in mind for the look and feel of the environment, as well as the aesthetic.  Today I finally got around to playing with SHADERS IN UNITY!  I don't know why I didn't look into them before.  I love shaders.  I'm so excited.  The possibilities are endless.

Without giving too much away as to the theme, here is a sample of what I've been working on today with an item you may be familiar with:


So it's not perfect - there's some weird lighting stuff going on, and I definitely have some work to do on the shaping of the object.  Using this tutorial as a starting point, I first did a bit of finagling to update the code and get it to run. I also had to do some research to find out why their sample was rendering sprite alpha 0 to black instead of transparency. Once I configured a bare-bones version of their script through the tutorial, I added back in some features they didn't talk about, such as making black in the diffuse image always render to black - keeping your 'outlines'!  (I will post my completed shader for this once I'm done!)

Here's a look at the Diffuse Color, Normal, and Bump image layers used to compute the lighting:
(I'd hapily welcome advice from my 3D friends on this... as I'm a little removed from 3D!)

I hope you are as excited as I am.  My next game may run terribly and play horribly, but at least it's gonna look great! :D

 - chahn

Friday, June 27, 2014


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Well, its been a long wait now - but this game should be worth it!

In the past couple months, I took a road-trip from Philadelphia to San Diego, where I live now, and have been getting myself situated there! It's been hard to pace myself on these games while everything else is happening, but I've been learning a ton of new things about time management! (and the ways I work best).

I pulled out all the stops on this one! I've been taking my games a bit too seriously I think (you know, besides Hovering Chahn) so it was time to let loose a little and just make another ridiculous entry that goes off the rails. I had a ton of fun making it! If anybody enjoys it, I will be happy.

This is also the first entry to ever feature characters from my 90-Minute Comics universe! - the Broeo Bros! Since I liked this one so much there may even be another game featuring them! (but not next month)

So I have some catch-up to do now - this release is actually #6, and I have some back-filling to do. But I have a bunch of new games in mind, and scattered material already generated for some of them. (I've been all over the place). Looking forward to the next one!

Anyway! - Check out the game - tell me what you think!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


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I apologize for the extremely long delay on this one, and for the radio-silence... you can either blame Simon, or my cross-country road trip.

I promise you all that I actually did complete the game on time, and have not worked on it at all in April. I have updated it since the Game Jam submission, but not since the end of March...

though neither have I been working on my April game... at all :(... Who's knows what I'll make today and tomorrow... should be another blast.

Anyway, I had fun making this one. Certainly bit off a bit more than I could chew for a 10-day game jam, but the Jam experience was awesome. I played a handful of really good submissions, and got a lot of good feedback on mine. The most lacking part of my submission was the number and diversity of the enemies I was able to pull together in time. I needed enemies that played a more integral part tot he objective or strategy of the game... or a game that has strategy or a real objective to begin with.... :( oops.

Anyway! - Check out the game - tell me what you think!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cyberpunk Jam Submission

I just entered my game this month into my first jam!  Feels pretty good to have pulled this together so quickly.  I'm very happy with my submission!

Here's the link to the jam

And this is my submission

Check it out - tell me what you think could be better - I plan to flesh it out a good bit more before I release it at the end of the month on this blog, so any feedback would be great!

Friday, February 28, 2014


you knew this was coming:
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(NOTE: there is an easter egg after you achieve a 'Best Score' of at least 20... if any of you have somehow already done this, the easter egg should now be unlocked for you retroactively... let me know if that's not the case)


Well, I believe my first Unity game was a success! I spent most of the month fumbling around and in Unity, and not being able to think of a game...

Month 2 was definitely pretty difficult for me.  Without a demo to go off of, I found myself in a pretty good rut to think of an idea.  I think I also suffered from having too many bigger ideas in mind that were just not realistic this month - particularly ideas for game3!! (which can and will be a little more ambitious).  I also found the #1GAM theme word 'loops' unhelpful, and I struggled to incorporate it for too long.  Oh well, so I lost some points there.

After all the hype of Flappy Bird this month, I'm surprised I still couldn't think of a game until my friends told me make a Flappy Bird game.  I found the 'Flappy Jam' website, and was instantly inspired.  Thanks to Dan Bode for telling me to make 'Chahnny Bird'... even though i very didn't call it that.

I pumped this game out in about 2-3 days.  I'm proud to have come out with something my friends say is even more addicting than Flappy Bird, and even for reasons I actually intended! (i.e. some music, and my head exploding).  I'm also pretty darn happy with the crazy music I pumped out.

Check out the game - tell me what you think!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Unity and Unity2D review

So this month I've taken on learning as much as I can about the Unity game engine, and in particular their new 2D game features in version 4.3! Even though I have actually taught a class on Unity3D before, their approach to game development was a much different workflow compared to what i'm used to in Flash, or even XNA for going about making a full game. Like many full blown game engines, instead of an environment where everything is basically on you - from controlling all the objects in your game with your own code, optimizing performance yourself, or even defining exactly how everything is rendered on a low level - Unity offers a lot out of the box. This also comes with the hangup of figuring out exactly how to customize the feel of things, because I feel it's really easy to quickly get a game off the ground which probably ends up playing exactly like something EVERYBODY else already made. All that being said, I am starting to get the hang of it, and there is certainly a lot that I like about it so far.

Things I Like

Physics, and collisions / collision detection all come right out of the box, and are surprisingly simple to implement.  Without any scripting, you can could set up a bunch of physics objects, and colliders, and watch them fall and interact with each-other just by hitting play.  With only a few lines of code, you can even script a playable character that can jump around, observe gravity, walk up hills and curves, and not go through walls!

The scripting is built on the .NET framework!  This means you have a TON of managed code features at your disposal if you choose to take advantage of them.  Its also easy to start building your own sort of extension on the game engine by extending their behavior class with your own library.  I did not completely realize all of that the first time I picked up Unity when it came out, but after working with .NET for 4 years in my career, i'm very excited to come back to Unity now and really see what you can do with it!

The 2D features!  This video says it WAY better than I can.  Check it out.  I am digging it so far.

Publishing is a piece of cake!  Its free and easy to publish your game to the web, or many flavors of desktop executables.  The licences run a bit on the expensive side, but if you have the cash, very little 'porting' is necessary to get your game up and running on 7 different platforms and counting!  What really gets me (and this is incredible) is that not only is it super easy to get your game interfacing with a joystick or gamepad, but that input also works in the web player!! That is AWESOME.


These aren't really even that big.  Certainly not deal-breakers.  Doing 2D, I havn't run into any real-bad performance or rendering shortcomings yet.  I've just found a couple things difficult to get my head around, and maybe that's just me:

Physics, and collisions / collision detection all come right out of the box!  While there are some things you can tweak about the default physics settings, like the gravity amount, you really only get your standard falling and colliding.  If you want to take full advantage of the collisions system, I feel it could be kind of a hassle if you wanted to do any real unique things with the physics, like non-standard gravity systems, or magnetism or something.  You're basically working against what you get for free.  But then again you could probably easily handle collisions yourself using the pretty fancy collision boxes without physics.  I might need to do that.

The scripting is definitely a bit of a different approach here!  All your scripts for the game are basically behavior components that you can add to some game object.  They are kind-of like self-contained modules.  You code one behavior, and you can apply that to several kinds of objects.  Say a behavior that makes an object move around on its own if it has a velocity.  You could put that behavior on a car, or a bullet object.  This is all cool, but what i'm really struggling with so far is the lack of a reall way to have a script that manages the game itself.  Its just what i'm used to.  You can do this to some extent, but it feels hackey.  You really have to think instead about how all your game elements are going to interact in the game, and how whatever you were going to code in your 'game script' might better be expressed through the interactions of your other script components.

The coordinate system I feel right now is stuck in a really weird place as a hang-over from the 3D nature of the engine.  It can be confusing for 2D.  I'm used to units being Pixels, but like many 3D platforms, the units here are almost completely arbitrary.  Even importing 2D graphics and sprites has a really odd arbitrary way to ascribe pixels of the asset to units in the world.  This might be good if you want to draw really large assets, so that your game window can scale, and looks fine at any resolution.  It has actually been extremely frustrating for me however, since I'm trying to achieve a pixel-art look.  It is definitely possible, but it takes a good deal of effort I feel, to get it to look right.

And that's about it for now.  Maybe this was an incredibly naive review.  Not claiming to be any sort of authority on the subject.  I just hope maybe this helps somebody wanting to try unity!

Saturday, February 1, 2014


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I'm happy to present what I've accomplished this month. The game turned out better than I could have hoped for the 15 days I had to create it.  Here are some things to take away:
  • Although I had alot of the code and music written before the 14th, I still think the concept I chose was a little ambitious for a month (and esp. 15 days).  
  • I pushed myself to complete it, but I don't know how sustainable that approach is for a whole year of games.
  • I'm also happy my friends pushed me to release on-time and move on.  I could work on the game forever, but that's not the point - the point is to release a game every month, no looking back.
With that in mind, i'm excited to start thinking about game #2.  I'll let you know what I come up with!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Game #01 release date POLL

alright -

So its the end of the month, and I legitimately have 1 more day to complete my first game.
Right now, it is definitely a minimum viable release: it is a full game, you can beat it, and it does involve some skill.
There are, however, 2 things I did not get to yet, which would make it significantly more enjoyable, esp for L33T players.

  • unlock super mode
  • continue playing on dynamically generated map after you complete the structured map: (right now the only thing you can possibly do after you win is die... there is also currently a maximum possible score... come on guys)
I would like to take an extra week and address both of these! BUT, i'm going to leave it up to you guys.  Tell me what you'd like:
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Monday, January 20, 2014

Game #01: title and artwork

Here's an early version of the title screen and the audio that will go with it, for a little better look into the atmosphere of the game!
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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Game #01 reveal

Hey guys!  Its been a while, I know.   I am actually doing a game!

I have been traveling and busy with holiday things, so I didn't get started until around the 14th of the month... luckily I had this old RUNMAN DEMO LYING AROUND...  so I picked up that code as a kick-start.  It will actually become a game - bigger and better than the demo, I promise! ( / hope)...

YES.  I'm finally making (some of) the game I always wanted to go back and flesh out.  This first month is going to be a pretty solid entry into my game-a-month challenge, though it may end up as another demo I want to flesh-out even more later.

While I've been working pretty hard on the game itself, I've also spent some time on a new track for it!


I may make another post next week with some art previwes.

Additionally the game *may* be on time... :|   :P